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This is the key, and thank you for bringing up this point

The "bad guys" control the voting and the conventions and can stifle us BECAUSE they control the "boots on the ground" in all the local, county, state, and federal positions. Those are the 'worker bees" for their scheme.

However, if we can replace part or all of that "worker bee" community, then the "top down directives" don't get accomplished, and we begin to assume control. Once that's done, we have enough clout in party electons and policy making at meetings to change the agenda of the party to our favor. Then we take the top positions, and it's OVER for the neocons.

A very hard and sustained push for a 4 year time frame, with every effort being made on all fronts to penetrate as many elected and appointed offices as humanly possible, could achieve our goal, which could be demonstrably effective in 2010 and culminating in success in 2012.

We don't even have to make any special notice of "who we are". We can be "stealth". Just act nice and get into some position somewhere, and if you have appointing power in that position, appoint fellow R3volution members wherever you can.
Soon, we''ll have "both legs in the door" not just a "foot", and we can wrestle the neocons right out of their own party. And we can do it in a way that they don't even know it's coming until it is too late.

And let's not forget, for anyone inclined to want to do the same thing with the Democrat Party, that avenue is also wide-open for our takeover as well.

And it would behoove us to have some consolidated power positions on both sides of the aisle, just like the NWO does.