Comment: im one of those

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im one of those

disgustingly loyal supporters myself,,its Ron Paul or no one for me. i want to go to the march so badly i can taste it, to be a part of history and say that i am a patriot but with kids and a mom with alzheimers , it just may not happen for me. anyhow an idea was tossed around earlier for those of us that might not be able to go,,,and that was to either protest the government by having a no work day, or a stay at home day to include no consumerism for that day or longer if possible..anyhow im with ya and i understand your sentiments but dont overlook the unshakable supporters that still remain here and across the nation.ive never believed our numbers are what the voting machines and main stream media want us to believe. we have numbers that scare the elite ,and we grow everyday.