Comment: Tactics? Really?

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Tactics? Really?

I agree with you in some good extent, but I think that this may be the wrong tact to take with a Hannity. People can only take so much of a divergence from their viewpoint before they just shut their minds and label the whole view as "crazy" or "loony". We know this isn't the case, but you have to bring people around slowly. How many people here took some time to be convinced of the value of a part of Dr. Paul's message? Sean Hannity is pretty well entrenched. I think that the right approach might be to pick a particular issue, say either Murdoch/Clinton connection, or Hannity's asymmetric opinions on the Iraq war vs the Balkan war. There's a youtube video of it, i'll find if you want. Point being, pose as someone not entirely opposed to his ideology, then bring up a pretty strong point. You might even get a response out of him.