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Collage Ad

Absolutely exceptional ad and a great job. They need to make the maker part of the official campaign! We'll await the feedback after it appears in the paper. Was wondering if Ron sees this stuff or too busy making speeches and doing his part. Either way, he should be proud.

By the way oh outsanding people of the revolution: Please, please go to the online rally and post a pic and profile. I'd like to see about 25 million on there before the election. How else are we going to stop "them" from cheating at the voting booths?....from the straw polls to the real thing. And based on everything I've seen, there is little doubt that it will happen. This whole coverup thing is absolutely beyond belief. Let's see if the Iowan's can start setting it straight. We Floridians will be ready when our day comes.

If we have enough people on the online rally and RP does not get the votes, we may have to have about 25 million of us march to Washington and ask for whoever's resignation. This Country cannot take ANY more of the same old song!

Bob W., Naples, FL

Bob W., Naples, FL