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I am happy. Do not try to play Barr off against Baldwin or visa versa. This should be NO contest between who can get the most Ron Paul supporters, Barr or Baldwin. Period! Baldwin and Barr should try to create new ground, more voters, from Independents, Democrats and Republicans. Ron Paul will not and should not endorse Baldwin over Barr and also not Barr over Baldwin. Barr and Baldwin should get their own endorsements. Can Baldwin perhaps get one from Dr. James Dobson and/or other prominent figures?
We want to see both Barr and Baldwin combined getting more support than Dr. Paul during the primaries. Baldwin should get some of the Huckabee supporters especially. Problem is that the CP will not have nearly the same ballot access, and thus votes than the LP. The CP will not be in the big state of Texas. I wonder whether there are some CP orientated candidates under the LP banner in TX?