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See your best $$ support will come from

Those very sponsors to the local Little League. Your local ford dealership will be "used to giving you money" for Little League, and not hearing later that their $2,000 banners where not made and not put up on game days. The Ford dealer president will "trust you". As will hundreds or thousands of other sponsors. As will thousands of parents who will vote for you -- not because of your ideas, but because of your "leadership skills", your "gravitas", your "likability", and your past "trustworthiness". You see, Politics is NOT about ideas {go back to the University for that}. Politics is about the powerful status quo and that means, Who YOU know, not WHAT you know. Come time for you to run for Mayor, these thousands of parents and their friends who "all love you" will trust you again to spend their money and "run their town". Not to mention that in just a few short years, thousands little leaguers will be casting their first vote for you, perhaps each time you run for a new political office. (not because they are libertarians, but because they "know you").

Getting $$ support from those in your local town is EVERYTHING.

The Revolution will only be a $$ source that will "make the difference in a tight race". It will be a money source that puts you over the top. It will never be the source of the thousands of votes you will need to get in a Mayors race, nor the lions share of the money you will need.

I think you will make a good LL President. Go for it.

In Peace & Liberty,

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