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It's because

Unity08 is for, by, and of Independent voters, which had no intention of going Republican or Democrat, but wanted to help independent candidates. They found Ron Paul and Kucinich and Gravel had wide online support and ziltch in MSM. I was rather surprized when they came out with the Ron Paul and Gravel ticket. This happened when Ron Paul was asked if he would run as an Independent if he lost the GOP bid. The Libertarian Party makes it nominations before the primary, so if they choose Kubby or someone else, Ron Paul would not get that opportunity to run under their ticket. Many Ron paul supporters, which are independents don't want to lose Ron Paul or the momenteum "the collective" support of GOP, Indy's and Dems have gained with him, and why those who hope for a GOP nomination, but realize, he may not get it, want a second chance with Unity08, because there are many democrats who don't want Hillary, and they are in the same boat so to speak. So why not talk about's UNITING Americans despite the MSM and major parties.