Comment: The tactics haven't changed

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The tactics haven't changed

Incredibly, people have succumbed to circular reasoning/thinking about our foreign policy. "We're winning, they attacked us at 9/11, we had to stop this threat, the troops' lives must not be in vain from the war on terror . . ." The circular reasoning is as simple as "they're a threat, and we have to win, because they're a threat, because FOX says so". On the contrary, we've made things worse by empire-building. I sure admire Ron Paul's gut for speaking out against our foreign policy. More Americans need to see that it is our DUTY to hold our leaders accountable for their foreign policy, which ought to be OUR foreign policy! More need to see that the sinking of the Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, and 9/11 were all incited by our government to put us into three disastrous wars. Col. House who controlled Wilson engineered the Lusitania disaster; FDR deliberately put Japan into desperate economic straights and kept Pearl Harbor unaware of the many warning signs until it was too late; and the Bush administration was working with the CIA to create the 9/11 disasters. It's Germans, Japanese, Middle Easterners, etc. all being made to look like the real devils, when it was always our top officials.

"[The lost causes] are the only causes worth fighting for." Jeff Smith on MR. SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON