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Ummm... Have you looked at

Ummm... Have you looked at the Gravel Issues page?

Iran: They're in league.

National Initiative for Democracy: Don't know enough details to comment. (The idea of introducing a fourth branch of government needs to be thought out and done very carefully, so I won't speak about it unless I know more.)

Fair Tax:

Global Warming: Gravel wants to end dependence on oil in a global effort involving China and India. He doesn't give a plan, but in theory it sounds cool. I can't really get on his case for that as he thinks it's a real threat. I'm in the the Manbearpig camp though ( ).

Universal Health Care Vouchers: Senator Gravel advocates a universal health-care voucher program in which the federal government would issue annual health care vouchers to Americans based on their projected needs. Under the Senator's plan, all Americans would be fully covered and would be free to use their vouchers to choose their own health care professional. No one would ever be denied health insurance because of their health, wealth, or any other reason. A universal health-care voucher plan will also relieve American businesses of the financial responsibility of insuring their workers while ensuring that their workers get adequate care.

Last time I checked Dr. Paul was for a free market solution to health care, not a socialized one. Gravel's plan is to have the government (Everyone in the country through the "Fair Tax" as the government has no real money.) pay for all projected health needs of citizens. I recall Paul saying something along the line of, "If you subsidize it you get more of it." Goes something like this:

Paul wants a transition that gets government out of health care and makes the world look more like this:

Womens Rights(First off Paul only believes in individual rights): Gravel wants to keep abortion at a federal level using Roe v. Wade as legislature. Paul wants individuals to decide at a local (State) level as he believes the more complex an issue the more locally it should be dealt with.

Immigration: Gravel! Supports! Amnesty! Paul opposes it with a passion. Gravel states here he thinks N.A.F.T.A. isn't right, however he wants to reform it, Paul wants to abandon regulated trade.

Gay Rights(Again, individual rights with Paul): Paul pretty much beats everyone on rights, as his stance is: No one is allowed to have any rights others lack, or lack any rights others have(Doesn't get fairer than that.). Gravels support of hate crime legislation is against Paul's idea of rights. (It doesn't matter if you hurt someone because they're part of a group, it matters that you hurt an individual.)

Social Security: Gravel wants to finance and continue it. Paul wants to transition out of it using the trillion dollars we send overseas.

Veterans: I think they both believe in supporting veterans.

Education: Gravel wants federal government in. Paul wants the department of education abolished.

Prisons: Gravel = Your money goes to this through the inefficient Federal Government. Paul = State Issue. Though both favor ending the war on drugs.

Net Neutrality: Gravel is for government intervention in private networks. Paul is against government intervention in private networks.

2nd Amendment: Gravel thinks there should be some federal regulation on gun ownership, but supports the 2nd Amendment. Haven't personally heard this, but from what I know of him, Paul would say that kind of thing is a State Issue.