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I sent this email this morning

To all of our friends and family,

We wish you the very best of times when you celebrate this day of Independence. This day should carry a heavy heart for the sacrifices our Founding Fathers, and Revolutionary soldiers made on our behalf.

Many do not know this, but the signing of the Declaration of Independence was literally a signing of your own death warrant. Many of the signers and their families were tortured and murdered by the British.

The few that were not, later gave us our Constitution along with our Bill of Rights. today our Constitution and it's Bill of Rights are under attack by our very own government.

In almost a repetitive weekly occurrence, either the President, the Senate or the Congress introduces and passes legislation that is slowing dissolving the words of print, words from the blood of men who know what freedom truly means.

When asked, what have you given us Mr. Franklin, Ben replied "A Republic, for as long as you can keep it"

A Republic, hmmm? A government for the people by the people, ingenious! But how did we get to where we are today with such political and governmental corruption?

The answer is actually quite easy. In our basking of glory, folklore and fortunes, we simply no longer monitored who was guarding the Hen house. The Fox in this case, is the Banking Cartel.

Both American and European banking Elites, have undermined our government and subdued the American public with entertainment. Entertainment is the smoke and mirrors required to pacify a population while they are being pick-pocketed of their wealth and freedoms.

Am I wrong, what about Oprah, American Idol, MySpace, Sports, NASCAR, gambling, concerts, I-pods, X-box, Play Station, Guitar Hero, cell phones, computers, Internet? They have consumed our society and we are all guilty of falling for the scam.

Fact- Only 3% of Americans read books.

Is it a coincidence that our governments "Head Start" and "No child left behind" programs are complete failures? Not at all. They have achieved their goal of dumbing down America by allowing every child a Diploma regardless of their efforts.

Fact- Only 2% of MIT students are American born.

Did you know that the Federal Income Tax goes to pay the interest on the currency the Federal Reserve lends our own government. Not a single penny goes to goods and services as most assume it does. This is the scam of the ages!

Fact- An independent, corporate owned bank "The Federal Reserve System" that is not a department or entity of our government, prints and lends money to the USA at interest and fee's.

Fact- 1913- Introduction of the Federal Reserve and Income Tax....Hmmmm?

History has told us that the bankers have orchestrated the following wars. WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam. All with tactics such as the sinking of the Lusitania, embargos against Japan, UN policing of the Korean conflict, the Gulf of Tonken (false flag) incident that led us into Vietnam.

If Afghanistan, Iraq and soon to be Iran are not orchestrated by the bankers, this would be the exception rather than the norm. But I'll put my money on the bankers for these wars, oops, sorry, conflicts.

Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, (Iran?) are all labeled as conflicts. Conflicts have no definition of an end, no declaration of war from Congress. These are bankers dreams, a country that will borrow money based on ego with know end in sight, brilliant! If your a banker.

Not only have these wars cost money and lives, the fear of terror has convinced Americans to give up their freedoms. The un-Patriot Act now allows warrant less searches and seizures and has removed Habius Corpus (the right to a trial). Our own government can now arrest you indefinitely without cause or a trial.

The Germans of WWII all stood around as the Nazi's were taking away races and religious groups, all the while saying thank God it's not me. Not until their race or religion was targeted did they question what was going on.

Ben Franklin said "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. "

So my friends and family that have actually read this much, it's time we stand united against the tyrannical's determined to undo America. This crap of Democrats and Republicans is BULL SHIT! Both parties are corrupt and polluted to the core.

At one time both Democrat and Republican platforms were identical. Be conservative, don't start wars, limited government and take care of those who really need it. Today we now have a welfare state and war machine.

How ashamed we should be for allowing something so great, given by such deep convictions and sacrifice to be trampled upon.

So today and tonight as everyone mingles with friends, neighbors and families, don't be afraid to start a conversation about our current status of corruption and deception in politics.

Throw out the rule of not discussing politics and religion, apparently it's not working.

"Without discussion, we cannot invent"

Look to a third party candidate to cast your vote. This crap about voting for the lessor of to evils is without a doubt the most unintelligent thing I have ever encountered.

Join the Campaign for Liberty that is promoting and sponsoring conservative candidates to all levels of public office. Get involved!

We all owe it to our children's children to make a change.

God Bless and have a wonderful Independence Day.

The Moore Family