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No, that's Obama. If you can

No, that's Obama. If you can accept that Obama was perhaps the big plan all along and if you've watched his campaign and watched his grassroots movement. To his supporters he is indeed change to them. He's been blowing smoke up everybody's @$$ and we know this by simply standing him up next to Paul. I don't think they anticipated the impact of the Paul candidacy and if he had not entered the race. Obama might really be playing the role of "good cop".

I have not found any Neocon money behind Barr. If there is I'd love to see it. All anybody can seem to produce is his voting history which everyone is well aware of even Ron Paul who said Barr is an ally. Which to me is like Paul saying don't judge a book by it's cover. Look deeper and I have. To me it looks like he's not running for election, he's running for redemption.

What if I told every Ron Paul supporter that did not caucus for Paul to suck a nut because they were too late to the dance? Can I call all of you douche bags forever and ever amen?

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