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Stonewalling or Grandstanding?

The American people have five years of 'terrorist' conditioning by the main stream media and this current administration. It's my thought that both Giuliani and Fox News BOTH used that to rile up an ill-informed American public. Fact: Terrorists have existed for centuries (To Britain, George Washington was a 'terrorist'.) To breed unwarranted fear in the general public by posing "hypothetical" situations as was done in the S.C. debate, is absurd, and in my opinion, irresponsible journalism. We have enough TANGIBLE problems to talk about - why debate men from mars?

Here's a question no one (except Dr. Paul) seem to address. How is it that America, so hated by all the so many 'terrorist' groups in the world has only one group of 6 people in 5 years caught plotting a terrorist act against our country? With a southern border wide open, why is it that the crafty and hateful terrorist haven't just snuck in (or walked in as it is) with all the other illegals?

Restore the Foundations - "If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?"