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the question is:

do you really still trust our electoral process?

i certainly do not. whether chuck or bob get a third party voting block still will not amount to shit - they will NOT get the Presidency. Diebold will.

this has been witnessed time and time again in the primaries.

so, what we have really is a protest vote. so, i will elect to use an absentee ballot and support my true patriot, ron paul - whether it is a protest vote or not.

as far a mccain and obama, to me it is a devil i know and a devil i don't know. there will be no more positive change with either will be a choice of continued fascism or an entry into full socialism, neither i want.

so, bob or chuck will only take votes away from mccain or obama, but will not effectively change the political outcome being that diebold is involved.

what IS important is and

THESE will change the political outcome of our nation. not this election, but certainly sooner than later.

i also have not given up complete hope regarding our delegates at the convention. stranger things have happened in history. given the state of the economy, and that negative campaigning will ensue shortly, ya never know what is going to happen.

so yes, i want our cronies to know who really has the voice of the people, even if they fudge the numbers.