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RP's spirit

In response to your question, I just spoke with my sisters who were at the debate last night in South Carolina. My two sister, two cousins and my grandmother were there to support him at the debate and I caught them right before they got on the plane to return home to Texas.
They said that right after the debate, he was down. However, he had not seen any of the polls nor did he know how the public had perceived his performance. I believe he feared the worstl.
But, we text messaged my sisters last night with the results of the Fox News poll, and they told him. This made him much more confident before conducting interviews after the debate. I believe this is what got him ready for the interview with S. Hannity. He has never liked Hannity, and if you noticed, he wouldn't look at him. He started the interview by only looking at Colmes until Hannity asked him a direct question.
Then, they attended a rally with supporters after the event. The big RV with RON PAUL REVOLUTION was there and the supporters were very inspiring to him. He is often revived and inspired when he is around his supporters.
All in all, long story short, he was nervous to see how people would react to the debate, but he was relieved to hear the poll results and that people were not fooled by Faux News or Giuliani.

Matt Pyeatt

Matt Pyeatt