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Comment: Bring down the Federal Reserve!

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Bring down the Federal Reserve!

Bring down the Federal Reserve!

We should get back to Ron Paul, but this is a subject that Ron Paul backs and by the Constitution we are protected against illegal seizure. Are we going to stand by until they confinscate all Ron Paul's donation money? I bought and paid for Ron Paul Dollars to hand out as campaign memorabilia. It has been stolen, just like FDR stole gold from my ancestors. I want real money, the Constitution guarentees that I have rights, included amougst these are the right to Real Money. How long do we have to wait. Ron Paul will be elected by the people if we stand up as one, if we back down, then we have allowed it to happen and only we are to blame. Ron Paul for President sure, but we must demand that the current administration follow the Constitution until then and that the Congress sees to it that he does. I want the gold that the Federal Reserve has in reserve to be exchanged for the dollars that I have in my pocket, it only took a presidential order to have gold removed from the system, so it will only take a presidential order to require the Federal Reserve to take my notes in exchange for gold. The president could mandate that gold be fixed to the current exchange rate which is about $800 dollars, the Federal Reserve than would be required to exchange their gold in reserve for my Federal Reserve Note. Don't tell me it couldn't be done, FDR stole my Grandparents gold by hoodwinking them. In return he gave them paper. So now I want gold in exchange for paper, perhaps it should be for $35 dollar per ounce, plus interest, but I'll settle for $800, deal? Of, course we all know that this isn't going to happen, but if nothing else at least the Federal Reserve will know that we are serious. Every time we take a step back they will take a step forward. Ron Paul for President. Time for tea!