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Truth wins in the end

Although the end may be a long time coming and it is easy to get worn down.

The founders had no chance, yet trusted in Divine Providence.

Everyone who knows anything about foreign policy said Paul nailed it. Especially when he countered the hypothetical shopping mall attacks with the reality of Bin Laden in nuclear-armed Pakistan which we are sending money to.

They asked about conservatism and what being a republican means, yet look at spending when the GOP controlled both houses and the presidency (even exclusive of the war). Reagan would not recognize the current party. He left the democrats when it became corrupt, but the grass roots want someone honest.

If you could, the only issue I cannot counter is his thoughts on creation v.s. evolution, though I have some ideas about education. Some of the right-wing are annoyed he didn't raise his hand when asked "who doesn't believe in evolution" in the first debate. Of course it depends on what you mean by "evolution" - darwinism and eugenics? Natural selection? An issue paragraph or two, perhaps within the context of education or his profession as a doctor and such from Dr. Paul would be appreciated. I mainly ask this because Dr. Paul usually has an informed, intelligent and nuanced view, so the are you for/against questions usually don't get to the heart of the matter.