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Comment: coppers stole my coppers!

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coppers stole my coppers!

ok, I only had 10 coppers left on order. I bought them for their bullion and commemorative value not as a form of currency.

The points of contentions with the government apparently are:

The mint is the only people that can mint coin. But since these are made of almost pure metal it is arguably bullion. So they may be in trouble because it is round and not square I guess.

Their should be no issue with the paper since corporations are allowed to print non legal tender currency. This is usually done to keep money local to a community. You convert the money to the local non legal tender for 90 cents on the dollar and use it at local participating stores in the community. Essentially the stores offer a 10% discount to people using the money in order to keep it local and small shops thus compete with larger corporations like walmart which drains local economies of money. This is legal as long as the money is not passed off as "REAL" IE you as long as you dont try and spend it at a non participating store.

Check these out...

Liberty dollar was doing the same thing except their dollars were backed by metal and not corporate fiat.