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Comment: Is this all they have to do?

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Is this all they have to do?

The typical FBI agent is a patriotic American. I have never had any contact with the Secret Service, so I can't comment on them. Most government employees are decent, honorable people. I used to be one. The corruption is at the top.

It is the unscrupulous, sycophants that rise to the top of these departments, agencies and bureaus. I wonder what they told the agents that were involved in this raid.

How do you convince FBI agents to steal private property from a company that is selling legal products? While our immigration laws are flounted, we have a former Attorney General who has admitted violating the rights of American citizens in his enforcement of the ill-named Patriot Act, and yet, the FBI raids a company that is selling gold and silver coins which do not represent legal tender. They are in fact, real money as specified in the Constitution.

All I can say is that if we ever get this government back under the Constitution, there are a lot of high ups in our government who are going to jail. They are violating the law, and they know it. They think the American people don't, but that is changing.

Every time an incident like this occurs, it is more proof of where we are headed. We need to steer clear of some of the whacko conspiracy theories that are bandied about. Let's stick to the real, provable conspiracies, and exposed the criminals who are involved in them.