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Comment: Debate debacle

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Debate debacle


I met your grandfather when he was campaigning in Iowa. I got to shake his hand, and although I was already an admirer of his I got to see firsthand what a genuine person he truly is. I already have a self made bumper sticker on my truck, spread the word about him whenever I get the chance, and when I receive solicitations from credit card companies I send them back a Ron Paul brochure using their return envelope (no stamp needed).

I haven't seen the whole video of the debate last night, only the exchange between Ron and Rudy Giulani. I can't help but admit that it made me furious to see Giulani attack your grandfather's remarks. It infuriated me even more when he asked that he retract his statement, as if Ron Paul is the type of person that would have done so.

I just wanted to give my opinion on one of the statements you made, "When I saw that, it gave me great faith in the American people. We the people were able to see through the smokescreen that Fox News and Rudy Guiliani were trying to create. The American people are waking up to realize that our foreign policy does, in fact, affect the way we are looked at and treated by the outside world."

I keep hearing that the American people are waking up to the truth and the corruption in our current administration. I keep hoping that it's true. That's why I was so totally astounded by the applause by the audience after Rudy Giulani's exchange with your grandfather. If that was an indication of the American people waking up, then they must have had all of the people that are still sleeping in the crowd. I was embarrassed for them. How can anyone have not taken Ron's statements to be the logical truth as to what is happening to our country, and the reason most of the world despises us for our intervention policies? How can anyone not say they adore the idea of another country committing the atrocities on our soil, that our country has been committing against others for years?

It just makes me wonder what the true mind set of the American people really is. Please give my regards and support to your grandfather.

Tom Seemuth
Iowa City, IA