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Comment: Glad to hear Carol is ok.

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Glad to hear Carol is ok.

I met Carol at Blinn College May 19th, she was very nice, a pacemaker, wow, I hope that her recovery is smooth. Our family will be praying for Carol.

I've been drumming up all the RP support I possibly can here in Marlin Texas:

9% of Saturday's votes, I'll take it, but the turn out for the Paul campaign seemed stronger from the TV perspective, I guess a lot of people came in from out of state....or maybe Laura Ingram reported the Diebold machine tally. ;)

I hope the grassroots fire slowly grows into an inferno by super Tuesday.
I hope to meet some of you great Paul supporters in Texas city in a few weeks. God bless Ron, his family, and all the great supporters. Keep up the great work.