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Like some archetypal figure from the great traditions of epic folklore, Patrick Byrne, CEO of, demonstrates his heart is stocked sufficiently with the internal strength and spirit necessary to sustain this heroic struggle to bring corrupt practices of Wall Street to public awareness and reform. May we hope… before systemic collapse.

Sir, thank you for your courage, determination and poise.


Gently I took that which ungently came,

And without scorn forgave :--Do thou the same.

A wrong done to thee think a cat's-eye spark

Thou wouldst not see, were not thine own heart dark.

Thine own keen sense of wrong that thirsts for sin,

Fear that--the spark self-kindled from within,

Which blown upon will blind thee with its glare,

Or smother'd stifle thee with noisome air.

Clap on the extinguisher, pull up the blinds,

And soon the ventilated spirit finds

Its natural daylight. If a foe have kenn'd,

Or worse than foe, an alienated friend,

A rib of dry rot in thy ship's stout side,

Think it God's message, and in humble pride

With heart of oak replace it ;--thine the gains--

Give him the rotten timber for his pains!

----------------- Samuel Taylor Coleridge