Comment: Sometimes those tin foil hats

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Sometimes those tin foil hats

Help us tune into the metaphorical ether for messages we might not otherwise see. lol.

Seriously - there is an excellent book out there called the Sociopath Next Door. The author argues that among us, about 1 in 25, or 4% of people just don't have a conscience. For these people, there is a wider range of available options in any situation, because they will consider doing things that anyone with a conscience wouldn't. For example, just killing someone who happens to be in the way. She calls it their "advantage."

And guess where this "advantage" comes in the most handy? In the cut-throat world of politics and business, where slashing and fighting, backstabbing and betrayal come in quite handy.

Anyway, back to the point. Yeah, something is going on. If it takes me a tin foil hat to figure it out, I'm not afraid to put it on! (And I don't think you are either).

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