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FMNN Editorial Challenge

The article by Cliff Kincaid is very enlightening, not only in regard to Giuliani, but also in regard to the others who were on FOX in the post debate show.

This article on Rush Limbaugh is at WorldNetDaily

Limbaugh: I have power
to choose GOP nominee

Says Ron Paul has snowball's chance,
accuses campaign of spamming polls

Free Market News Network
has an Editorial Challenge for a chance to win a 1 ounce American Gold Eagle. This should be posted and placed on all blogs and sites that support Ron Paul. Here is a brief description.

FMNN Editorial Challenge
WIN AN AMERICAN EAGLE GOLD COIN (ounce) for answering, in essay form, the question, "Is the mainstream media censoring Ron Paul?" If you believe this is taking place, then explain why, put it into a larger context, cite examples of what is going on, and whether it will be successful. Entries can range from 250 words to 2,500. Writing can be “punchy” or scholarly. Citations (at bottom of text) encouraged: both footnotes and links. Entries may appear within FMNN’s commentary section. FMNN commentators may participate, if they wish.

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Ron Paul 2012 - Restoring the Founding Fathers American Dream