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Cesar helped me trade with more confidence too!

You're right. Horses and dogs got it goin' on with the anxiety/fear detector -- little kids too to a lesser degree.

Bridget, the dog we were watching, was a bag of impulsiveness and anxiety. Now she sits in front of the open door and waits to be told to 'migrate' with me. She sits until I step out of the door and 'invite' her to come along.

At first I didn't think I could get the results Cesar does. I took her for that all important long walk and she was pulling on the leash and whining.

As I kept jerking the choke chain she gradually starting paying attention to my pace and then just when I thought she wasn't going to get it -- she did!

I could feel her focusing on every step I took. No tension on the leash.

It became such a pleasure to take her out everywhere. She was totally focused and under control.

Last winter I did a stint with a natural horse trainer. Same thing. Nasty ass horses totally under control within an hour. Amazed me.

We did 10 horses over two month's time and the jackpot was when we got a wild donkey, Molly, and she was the worst. But within two hours she let us pet her ears and hold her head. It took 5 men to get this donkey in and out of a trailer before that.

"PunJab! Bring me my checkbook!"