Comment: Here's the deal...

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Here's the deal...

Ron Paul is ready to retire his seat in the Congo...I don't blame him.

Barr Barr isn't ready to give up mainstream politics. He wants back in to the pen.

Nader...I know personally from Connecticut....he's getting old...nothing to lose.

McKinney wants the powa' again. Also nothing to lose.

Chuck, bless his heart, such a long shot, he also has nothing to lose and ....well I'll leave it at that.

So we just got a statement of philosophy that will have no impact on this election and will be a distant memory in 2012.

It's up to us.

And it WILL be the battle of our lives.
And it will take every thing we can muster.
And we will have to attack every level of this evil empire, from within and without.

Ron Paul has given us a good start. But we will have to infect every level of the culture to amass an army of true revolutionaries pry their fingers of the powers that be, off the controls.

"Committed To The Eradication Of Poverty Among Patriots"

"Those Who Strive For Excellence Refuse To Fear Mediocrity; They Eradicate It."