Comment: What Does This Mean?

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What Does This Mean?

This is great that the third party candidates can agree on 4 core issues, but unless this is plastered all over the MSM, I don't see it convincing many more people to vote 3P than there already is. Two things need to happen in order for this to make a great impact. One, if these parties believe truly in these core issues and that the time is NOW to bring them forefront to the American people, then a unified party needs to be created, if it is indeed possible this late in the game. This also includes the largest third party, the Libertarian Party. Only that kind of action would wake up the networks. Second, a person who has proven to unite people from all of these parties needs to run on that ticket. That is Ron Paul. Only then do we have a shot at the 15% needed in order to qualify for the debates. Otherwise, we undermine our efforts by being divided. If the third parties get 1%, 3% or even 5% alone, that can easily be swept under the rug by the MSM and ignored.
This is great news, don't get me wrong, but it's just a foundation to build on for the future. This election cycle is done. We should take this as a testament that we share more important core issues with other third party supporters and gather strength from each other and move on. We have a long four years ahead of us to focus on.
That's how I see it, anyway. What are your thoughts?