Comment: With all due respect, that's BS and I'm tired of it.

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With all due respect, that's BS and I'm tired of it.

Of course Ron Paul cannot make up MY mind; I will do as I think best.

What this is actually about that Ron Paul is not willing to make up HIS own mind. Instead he has decided to be weasely about it; and to NOT make a decision, to NOT take up the baton of a "leader".

Don't get me wrong, I think this "Agreement" is good -- as far as it goes. (I "called for it" a few days ago... online here at DP.)

But it doesn't go very far.

The four separate points are SEPARATE -- nothing ties them together into a "whole" (return to Constitutional Government) that can be repeated as a main point over and over and OVER again -- which is what needs to happen.

This COULD have gone further -- even WITHOUT designating a particular candidate. If they could have gone just a few steps further and come up with that "whole" that would tie it all together, and THEN to have made a "theme" that could have been used by ALL of the candidates in their literature, etc THAT would have gone much further. (Yeah, it's "BS" marketing... but that is the world we live in.)

Let's face it, this isn't 1776, and the great mass of people won't read "Common Sense" -- they need simplified "Sound Bites" to rally around. They swallow "memes" rather than ideas.

So again, this is good as far as it goes -- but it (like the campaign) could have gone so much further and accomplished a LOT more.