Comment: I clicked thru all the news channels & C-SPAN

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I clicked thru all the news channels & C-SPAN

starting at 7am. I saw NOTHING about this news conference for the 2 hrs that I surfed. All I saw was: Hurricane Ike, the two people rescued at sea, Obama talking about his "Lipstick on a pig" statement (& the full of pig shit ad that McInsane immediately put out about it) & Palin at a rally. There was zip about Ron Paul. When I saw Palin speaking, McInsane was standing slightly behind her, with his wife Cindy behind him. To me, he looked like a pimp with his ho's. All he needed was a diamond in his tooth. He's so proud of Palin; she's bringing the votes/money home to her daddy. I'm thinking Hillary is in her mansion wishing she had only taken up arms against Bill when he two-timed her with a hussy. "Why didn't I just get out there on the White House lawn with a 30.06 & show the world how good I look with a gun in my hand!"