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we know enough

Barr has been courting the Ron Paul Revolution ever since he got he LP nomination.

This decision he just made has pissed off the people he needed most.

I'd be amazed if he gets as much as 1% of the vote without the Revolution. So how does this help his party, the liberty movement, or our country?

Barrs own words put himself ahead of the movement...

"That is not the amorphous kind that says "any of the above" or "none of the above." That's not leadershp. What is leadership is what I, and our campaign, and the LP are doing. Putting before the American people not a wish list, not a menu of things you can pick and choose, not a group of candidates, but a candidate for president, Bob Barr, who stands for very specific programs and policies and direction for this country."
- Bob Barr

As he said...he is for "specific programs and policies" and that is what is most important to him, his programs and little pet policies....FREEDOM?..not soo much..

Good Luck Bob...your gonna need it!!