Comment: Why this strategy can work

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Why this strategy can work

First, Dr. Paul succeeded in getting national media attention to the important message that Americans need to stop voting the lesser of two evils and vote third party instead. This helps us lay a foundation to build on for future elections.

Second, if a huge number of Americans go to the polls and vote third party as a result of our grassroots efforts, the establishment and the whole world will take note of it. More people will be attracted to learn more about us and our movement.

Third, we can use all the support we've built this year, keep building it over the next four years, and maybe we will be able to find a third party candidate the majority of us can support next year. Right now we have some impressive third party candidates to choose from, but what we don't have is one of them who has won the high level of support Ron Paul has won.

Fourth, if we all agree to stick together, simply encourage everyone to vote for the third party candidate of his/her choice this year, we can make history together. If we keep bickering amongst ourselves over which third party candidate to pick or not pick, it won't be long before we start driving people away from us and our important, historic movement.

God bless everyone. Thanks for reading and considering my thoughts.