Comment: BoBarr's Motivation Should Be Questioned

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BoBarr's Motivation Should Be Questioned

RP's announcement signals that he doesn't EVER believe that the Republican party can be positively changed from the inside. I don't think BoBarr is there with RP on this. BoBarr doesn't really understand what RP is trying to accomplish. This agreement on four principles is very important and signifies a fundamental shift toward unity. If BoBarr doesn't want to be a part of that movement, then it is fair to question his motivations for running for President in the first place.

The closer the Republicans and the Democrats are on policy, the easier it would be to simply form an "opposition" party; if for nothing else, to inject REAL issues into the debate for the Presidency. That is what is going on here. BoBarr either just doesn't get it, or he has furtive intentions.