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you miss the point entirely

It is almost a guarantee that a giant douche or a turd sandwich (South Park reference anyone?) will be the next president. The point that RP was trying to make is that all of the voters out there who are not passionate in their support for McBama should vote for a 3rd party candidate. EVEN IF THIS VOTE IS SPREAD AMONGST ALL THE CANDIDATES AND IT IS DILUTED, the total number of votes going to someone who is not a Republicrat or Demoblican is the only thing that will cause the establishment to wake up to the fact that we have figured out the charade. They will be forced to change the rules of the game for future elections for fear of losing all their power. This election cycle is going to be all about educating the "average clueless voter" as to how this country really works and about sending a message to the scum who run things behind the scene. By forcing the voters out there to recognize that these two parties/candidates are both the same (and hence it doesn't matter which one wins) then they will feel free to vote for a candidate outside the establishment. For the first time ever they will not be wasting their vote. even though a third party candidate (probably) won't win, all the votes for these various candidates will be a very powerful message.