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Michael, this is crap and must be removed

Ron Paul would not do this to any candidate.
I will continue my support and vote for the LP nominee.
I support the 4 principles of agreement among third party candidates.
Bob Barr has done nothing to cantradict the agreement.
Of course it would have been nice to have him join the press conference, but he did nothing to disrupt the content and intent of the candidates and Ron Paul.
Bob Barr is my choice by political expediency.
He has done nothing to harm pong32 or any other party or candidate.
This petition is more damaging and mean spirited than even McCain and Obama.
Michael, you must stop this now. These newbies are trying my patience, and you know that I was one of the first to join Daily Paul, as well as being one of the earliest supporters of Ron Paul.
pong32, or whatever his real name is, has contaminated this forum with knee-jerk vitreol.
From this point on, I consider anyone, who beleagers this ridiculous rant against my candidate, as a cop or mole. There is no whining in politics.
Get your heads out of your asses.