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Take 10 minutes and write it up, please !

Deerefly sez, Victory has a good idea here!
And his " wish list" looks great to me ! Basics !
He, and anyone else who agrees, could goto ( www dot fusionassembly dot org ) and post your "wish list" there after looking around some.
or just email it to ( info at fusionassembly dot org ) . Also, copy in DailyPaul, Campaign For Liberty, CP, GP, IP, and LP.
Remember, we are not all likely to agree on everything on every one else's wish list, but we are already agreed that Obamination and McSame are NOT getting our votes. So, let's work up from there.
Also, expect the trolls to attempt to infiltrate and dismember us.
Michael could moderate them off, but this way we leave them free to be the a--holes they are and identify themselves too - maybe for later actions. Isn' t that what their handlers plan for some of us? So, what's good for the goose will also fit around the neck of the gander ( Read about Queen Esther and how Mordecai escaped the gallows and Haman got his neck stretched instead. What goes around, comes around ! )