Comment: I responded down below too:

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I responded down below too:

1&2 are good answers.
3: While Ron Paul is a christian he doesn't wear it on his sleeve like Chuck Baldwin. Also Chuck mentions the highly polarizing figure of Jerry Falwell and the Religious Right. Even though I do believe in God I know the religious right infuriated alot of people, including myself, by being so instrumental in getting G.W. elected twice. A majority of christians have forgotten to be christian and less educated people would lump Baldwin in with this crowd-especially the more liberal or anarchistic Ron Paul supporters.
4: I don't see alot of people buying this. They'd probably say "Why don't we elect Colbert or Stewart?". If he was instrumental in any way to forward some position or get anything done for the common good (like opposing or getting a bill passed) then I'd have something to hang my hat on.

I like Baldwin, I just want to get a testament from him that he'd follow the constitution first and his religious beliefs second-something set in stone. I don't know how he could do this and still appear like a strong president. For the non-trusting public its tough to beat the no experience rock-just like Palin (who is the Governor of the largest state in the Union).
I guess we can just posit him as a protest vote. Something like if you believe in the constitution and destroying the system that controls you then vote Baldwin.