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Yes, well

there are a couple of articles written by Chuck that are online, where he definitely declares himself in opposition to Falwell on quite a few issues, and is not "a follower" of Falwell in any sense.
Yes, Chuck had affiliations with the Falwell organizations as a young person, and has no animosity against Falwell. But it has been made clear that Chuck has taken opposed positions, and he's not in the Falwell camp.

I don't like the Falwell camp, and it would give me pause to think that CB was aligned with Falwell. From what I've read in Chuck's writings, he is not aligned with Falwell.

It will be often brought up to attack him with though. So, knowledge is your friend.

As for the no experience thing, he can't manufacture any, so that will be at the mercy of whatever each voter thinks about it. It is what it is.