Comment: Not a wish list

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Not a wish list

A demand list
A Grassroots Revolution Manifesto to be agreeded to by written signature to any candidate that wants our support. Asking too much? Not at all because this is what was the foundation that our country had originally and was subverted, the platform that Ron Paul ran on, and the principals that the grassroot movements fire spread from. Anything less at this point would not make the necessary changes in time.

1. A full return to the Constitutional Republic and all that implies ( maybe
a disolvement of all parties and a simple voting system of a person, not
a party).
2. A complete dismantlement of the present electronic voting system to
be replaced by a secure paper ballot system).
3. Bring all of our troops home immediately
4. No further foreign intervention
5. War by declaration and voted by Congress only
6. Abolish the FED
7. Abolish the IRS
8. Treasury of the US to print currency backed by precious metals
9. Repeal the Patriot Act, FISA, Homeland Security, FEMA, NAFTA and
any act, legistlature, group that is unconstitutional.
10. Secure our borders
11. Hold investigations of any suspected criminal activity that has taken
place within our governement at any level and hold those people
completely accountable within our existing law.
and all departments and offices under it.

This didn't even take 10 minutes to write actually.
I think I understand the Independent party candidates agreed upon points
was intended for the sleeping masses who thought they only had the 2 parties, but for us that know the whole picture we must know that those
agreed upon points are far from what our Revolution wants changed.
Let anyone and everyone, all parties, all candidates drop all of the labels and ego posturing and pull together and merge if they are sincere about really turning our country around in time.

To those that think this won't, can't , no way, no how happen and it is totally fantasy to even ask for. Maybe it is but how do we know unless we go for it. I was under the impression that all of the above was what the Ron Paul Revolution was about not settling for a vote that will never get counted. Any candidate that wants support from a Ron Paul supporter should have no trouble agreeing on the platform that he ran on, right?