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Dear Mr. Anuzis:
I'm writing to respond to your hasty position that you've taken against Congressman Ron Paul. For the benefit of our conservative party, and the political process in what is supposed to be a free country, I'm asking you to reconsider the position that you've taken.

Jim Davenport of the Associated Press, stated the following:
***"The chairman of the Michigan Republican Party said Wednesday he will try to bar presidential candidate Ron Paul from future GOP debates because of remarks the Texas congressman made that suggested the Sept. 11 attacks were the fault of U.S. foreign policy.***

Since when is a debate answer exercising Freedom of Speech the grounds for be barred from future debates? Congressman Paul simply restated information contained in the 9-11 Commission's Report (a report that Giuliani obviously failed to either read, or comprehend). Had he been given a fair amount of time in the debate, he would have been glad to expound on the idea that foreign policy of the past 50 years has contributed to the animosity of many Middle Eastern countries towards America.

***“Given what he said last night it was just so off the wall and out of whack that I think it was more detrimental than helpful,” Anuzis said.***
Do you disagree with the 9-11 Commission and think the report was 'off the wall'? What do you say to Giuliani's statement about Ron Paul's comment when he said, "I don't think I've ever heard that before, and I've heard some pretty absurd explanations for 9-11". Based on that comment, would it be fair to ask Giuliani if he's ever even read the 9-11 Report on the attack on his city?

Based on the credibility and accuracy of Dr. Paul's statement, would you now characterize Giuliani's statement as being the one, 'off the wall'?

As an American, I resent past and future suggested censoring of a viable, no-bull candidate who, given the chance, is not afraid to address the REAL issues at hand. I also resent the treatment of both a air force veteran, and a dedicated congressional represenatitive who was reelected to his seat in Congress this past year when many republicans were booted, and has served his country faithfully. Based on the voice of the American voters in the last election, I might suggest that the GOP has lost touch with their base, not Congressman Paul, as you stated. He's at least has the gumption to stand up and truly defend the Constitution of the United States so that I can write this letter to you.

***Anuzis said his petition would go to debate sponsors and broadcasters to discourage inviting Paul.***
This will be seen by most as an attempt to CENSOR a candidate who's popularity is bigger than you can manage. This is not about GOP leadership or major media picking the next President; this is about the American people picking the next President, Mr. Anuzis.

How about recent revelation that one of Giuliani's clients happens to be the News Corporation, owner of Fox News, and recent sponsor of the S.C. debates? Don't you see that as a bit of a conflict of interest? I'm sure the party base would like to knon how our state leadership feels about that? How do you think Giuliani's pro-gay and pro-abortion stance will help advance the so-called conservative agenda? This party looks and acts more like democrats than many dems do!

These are questions that I'll be raising to a number of people because I just don't understand how this party can be so behind a man that is so far out of whack with party ideals and so adamantly opposed to open dialogue, so early on in this race.

And finally, the polls vary, depending on who commissions them. How do you explain the numbers that Congressman Paul's getting considering he's not really been given a fair chance to debate squarely with any of the GOP candidates?

Ron Paul leads, has won, or placed 2nd in the following polls for the second debate. He also won, hands down, the first debate, based on the online polls.

Fox News Post -Debate Text Message Poll:
Romney 29%, Congressman Paul 25%, and Giuliani 19%. current poll results - still running:
Ron Paul 21,131; Mitt Romney 356, Giuliani 341. current poll results - still running after 33,723 votes: Ron Paul 47%; Romney 24%; Giulian 23%

I will be actively campaigning for for the inclusion of Dr. Paul in all future debates and pushing for all exposure of blatant media and/or attempts by the GOP of censorship. GOP leadership will be held accountable by the American people for the choices they make. Thank you.

Bill Kosloskey
Petoskey, MI

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