Comment: We can still win

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We can still win

Ron Paul's joint press conference stopped short of a winning strategy. If the Constitution Party, Libertarian party, and Ron Paul Republicans continue to each work alone, the pro-liberty forces will definitely lose the election.

However, if they immediately come together and form a single Liberty Party, while we might not win the presidency this time, we can certainly become a major force in American politics. These three organizations agree on 90% of the issues.

Imagine this. By merging the Constitution and Libertarian parties both immediately double in size. Add in Ron Paul's tens of thousands of activists and million+ supporters, and you instantly have a force to be reckoned with.

In most states the parties are allowed to substitute Ron Paul's name if their previously chosen candidate withdraws. We put up Paul/Baldwin or Paul/Barr slate, and most Americans will have a real choice.

Further, this will get major headlines. This story is too huge to ignore. People will finally know there is an alternative worth voting for.

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