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my thoughts

I'm on the side that thinks it's good. I hear what your saying about WWIII, and that is a very real possibility, even without the movie Zero being put out there. But I think foreign powers like Russia pretty much felt this kind of anger towards the ruling party of the US anyways. But I don't think they want to get into a war with us, of course the idiots in our two major political parties want to have a go round with Russia. As a nation we don't have any friends we haven't bought and we are going broke. I don't have to be a non- US citizen to see that the people in power that did this are very sick and evil. Hopefully people in other countries will see that this was done by people who have no respect for their own citizens let alone anyone else in the world and not judge all the people by the actions of a few.
It really is hard for real people to comprehend and figure out what the power elite are up to, esp., when you consider most of them are psychopaths, imo. They do fund both sides of war like you say, look at the drug war, most people don't even realize that one. They just look at the really nasty ones. I've been studying up on WWII and I have to wonder if perhaps we haven't already started down the path to WWIII. Anyway, maybe it is time for other people to see what's happening in America, truth is more powerful then lies. Maybe it will have a positive effect and turn things around if these bastards are exposed, one can always hope.
I think we must continue to keep our eyes and ears open, prepare, be honest in our dealings with others and not buy into hatred of other people. The power eilte like race wars, illegal alien wars, christian wars, muslim wars, anything that can be used to their advantage, and we must not play into their hand. When can restore this country and take it back, I have to believe that, but we do live in very dark days. This movie and other things we are learning about 9/11 is very disturbing and it takes some real strength to process what we are learning and it hurts, but trust your mind and your gut instincts. Peace