Comment: 911 Exposes the Bad Guys for all to see

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911 Exposes the Bad Guys for all to see

>"Now, if this is what these crazy bastards want, then what better way to get the Russians to hate America then to show them a film about how our own government will stop at nothing to cause war? If you watch that movie and put yourself in the mind of a non-US citizen, you'll come away from that film thinking that the US government is a sick and evil establishment that needs to be put down.
>Anyway, my point to this rant is, even though I want the truth to come out about 9/11, I feel now is not the time to be spreading more ugliness about America."

Many foreigners and most foreign governments know the problem is not America or the ordinary American but the crazies who've seized control over America and its government/military/economy. The weird twist comes in when many Americans do not yet know this so they are the useful idiots our conquerors will use and do use to implement their insanity and psychosis of expanding global control (NWO) and hegemony.

So if WWIII breaks out into the open it will be those who know what is going on (the sane) versus those who are misled (insane). Therefore this run-up to WWIII is all about Mind Control; i.e., who gets to establish the current Belief System and Rule Sets. Which is why I've been advocating the waking up of your neighbors any way it can be done because it is they who will be manning the food lines, be the gate keepers and sign your life or death certificate.