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That "cough" interview looks rigged, Set up for "their" masses. Who is that squeaky dude....nevermind.

I understand that "we" the United States is, are, behind a multitude of injustices towards a multitude of countries but watching this kind of news coming from them is too far fetched for me.

My mind is geared for "This Country" and hopefully not scattered abroad to the many.

And, the "brain scattering" is also being done with the labels on products and info on the product containers via the non-English language. It happens in a split second and your probably not aware of it, have you grown accustomed to it? Every time that you have to skip over these non-English languages a part of your concentration, part of your mind goes with it.

Silly you say or maybe I haven't written it correctly, I might give ya credit for that "haven't written it correctly" argument.