Comment: Can you provide any books or links that back up this claim?

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Can you provide any books or links that back up this claim?

Your claim that.... "You are correct that Chile did not implement Austrian ideas, it implemented the ideas of Friedman."

Lets be factually clear:

#1) What ideas of Friedman did Chile implement?
#2) What ideas of Friedman that Chile implemented resulted in fascism in any shape or form?

The only good things that I hear in regard to Dr Friedman's ideas being followed in Chile are from Hernando De Soto, who's book can be found here: The Mystery of Capital

I believe a better explanation and response to the likes of Noami Klein as to the reasons why Chile went fascist can be found in this book here: The Perfect Latin American Idiot.

This book traces out how most passionate caring intellectuals gravitate to the Progressive side in Latin America, yet again and again each Latin American country falls for a Fascist Dictatorship. And the book points out why this is always the case. Progressives don't like the answer, but when you use FORCE to implement your "deep Concerns for the Poor", a dictatorship is what you'll get. If however, you have a real deep concern for the poor, then you will take the medicine of private property rights of all and free markets for all because you realize, THERE IS NOTHING better.

I believe you are of course free to post this here on the DP, I am all for Freedom of Speech, and most of all, its your property to do so. Both two Principles that Dr. Friedman was a big champion of.

If you want our R3VOLution to face these Progressives head on, perhaps find common ground, and come to terms over our disagreements, may I suggest we hold a "Libery & Equality Summit 2009" in Vegas during the 4th of July. We could invite Ms Klein and David Friedman, Milton's Son, to the event. We could invite a lot of progressive and libertarian writers and scholars, sell lots of books and DVD's, and most of all try to find Common Ground. Nothing sucks as much as having smart, passionate, justice loving people on the Progressive side see the problem clearly but get the CAUSE all wrong, thus fight us tooth and nail towards getting the right societal solution. They influence the Left, we the Right, and we get a mix of both, a very bad mix of both, as stagnate Statism of Welfare/Warfare-ism in which Liberty and Equality looses. We could invite Ron Paul and Denis Kucinich, two icons of each side. If they can agree to 4 major policy issues, so could we. Our R3VOLution could grow because of it.... and perhaps the worst part of Klein's argument will be thrown into the dust bin where it belongs.

Just a thought,

In Peace & Liberty,

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