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Comment: Green Zone Meetup

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Green Zone Meetup

Let's first make sure that this meetup is real and not disinformation before everyone embraces it like a flock of lesbian seagulls (expression courtesy of Beavis and Butthead).

Why is the organizer, Ron Paul Guy, hiding his identity? Is he American military? Civil service? Contractor? Iraqi? NSA or CIA?

If he is an American, he has his First Amendment rights regardless whether he might be in uniform. He would have no legal obligation to refrain from political support of Dr. Paul's candidacy for President, although I believe that there are certain restrictions on photos for active personnel. Could someone in the military please cite those rules?

There should be no reason for any military in Iraq to think that they are at risk for supporting Dr. Paul. In an email msg., I have asked Ron Paul Guy to show that he is real.

Yours very Truly,