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This Player Has Staked All She's Worth On This Hand

She hasn't been holding her cards close to her vest. She early on has shown us she has nothing up her sleeve. She's been singing praise for Ron Paul among her liberal audiences for more than a year.... and she hasn't backed away!!

She's sitting at the Democrat table, yes, and they're still dealing her some cards. While there was still sizable risk to her hand, she discarded the feminist's favorite ( 'The Red Queen') to draw the Jack, nah......I'm not going to say that......sometimes you just can't call a ..........a.....well.....let's just call a Joker a Joker.............Anyway, she's holding a pat hand. You don't fold now. The stakes are high..........she may get a piece of that action. At least that's the rules according to Hoyle.

If they try some double dealing, and don't give her the reforms,commissions and appointments she will certainly push for, then she can turn the tables to great commotion and move to a podium this process has helped prepare for her to decry their cheating.

Anyway, that's the game isn't it? Either come to play, or get out of the saloon and don't let the swinging doors hit you on the ass on the way out. Let's cheer her on for luck and hope she get's a chance to trash the place in the brawl before she gets tossed out the window. This girl's got spunk. She's not gonna cotton to the bottom of the deck fast shuffle they have planned for her. She'll be joining us out with the sagebrush soon enough.

Let's get her use to it by letting her know she'll be among friends.