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Our Military is the best in the world.. if allowed to do their job, no other army can stand against it.. Our Troops are the most brave warriors in the world. Its unfortunate we have idiots running this country in Washington DC (district of corruption) who have never had to carry a rifle to defend this country.. they were born with silver spoons up their butts!. Its ok to make a war policy to send other peoples sons, daughters husbands and fathers to wars that are undeclared, but they sure won't send thier own families.. Gee why doesn't chelsea clinton go into the military.. her mom thought it was a good idea to go into iraq! If we as a nation go to war, then congress needs to declare it.. then everyone from age 18 to 45 goes to war, kicks the crap out of the enemy and comes home 2 days later.. this is how wars should be fought.. NO MORE POLICEING WARS! My hat is off to all who serve thier country .. You Men and Women are truly HEROES! GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND COME HOME THE SAME WAY YOU LEFT! RON PAUL IN 08!!!!!