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I agree!

I am currently into 34 minutes, and I would have to say that it is quite interesting.

In my opinion, this financial meltdown is contrived by the powers that be and is a man made plan to put fear into the masses and grab more power!

If people understood the truth of what is going on right now, they would understand that the bankers are the rulers of the day!

The federal reserve is a private corporation. they operate on a reserve policy that the masses mistakenly believe, that if you deposit $100 the bank must reserve 10% ($10) and are allowed to loan out $90.

The truth is, If you deposit $100 the bank considers this to be 10% and create out of thin air $900 as the $100 is the reserve.(No risk!)

Mortgage applications are monitized and deposited as money and a check is issued (piece of paper...not money) to pay the previous owner.

Also, the mortgage is gaurenteed to be paid off from the required PMI insurance paid by the borrower to secure the interest of the bank should the borrower default.

This is why there is a collapse currently underway. THIS IS FRAUD!!

The urgency of the recent $700 billion dollar bailout had little to do with the money and more to do with the "Criminal liability exemption clause!"

Remember, $630,000,000 dollars were created as congress debated the bill on monday without a vote!!