Comment: This is OBVIOUSLY not a "movie" but is piece of propaganda

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This is OBVIOUSLY not a "movie" but is piece of propaganda

"Zeitgeist" is not a "film" it's a piece of hypnotic propaganda full of BS.

It's a standard propaganda play piece, and you've been suckered into promoting it.

1) Use a few facts that the targeted viewer is likely to (predisposed to) agree with or find revelatory.

2) Add in a bunch of vague universally recognized and commonly desired "goals."

3) Throw out some additional vague promises of a "free lunch" via technology, or "science" or ___________.

4) Since you now have the viewer in an "agreeable" state of mind and willingly suspending their disbelief and discernment -- and you can now safely add in a host of lies, label specific scapegoats as the "bogeymen" that are preventing all of the desired goals.

5) Then, pull in all together in some nice utopian "dream world" (but this time with the magic of "robots" to solve all of our problems... YAAYY!)

6) Get the (now convinced) viewer to proselytize for your cause.

Ba-bing, ba-bang, ba-boom... a new "convert" has been created.

This will always work with those who are young, idealistic, and or easily impressionable (and likewise thoroughly ignorant of history, science, and reality -- and are therefore lacking in discernment and are easy rubes.)


Oops, almost forgot step 7) Charge for copies or solicit donations or sell "auxiliary merchandise" and... PROFIT! (Cha-ching!)