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Comment: This is a reposting

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This is a reposting

In the hope WRellim will stop bumping this thread and leave the personal attacks to his own home.
I'll shorten this comment so somebody will read it and understand we don't have to agree and peaceful disagreement is always better than personal attacks:

Simultaneously, individuals are taught that being "correct" is what creates their value as human beings. This state of being "correct" is directly related to the prevailing values of society itself. Therefore, those who accept and support the social system's views are considered "normal", while those who disagree are considered "abnormal" or even "subversive". Whether it is the dogma of a unique social tradition, or the alignment with a worldwide establishment religion, the basis is the same: Intellectual Materialism.

I hope some people will learn to grow up and respect others opinions. Until then this movement is lost.