Comment: Time to give up the ghost

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Time to give up the ghost

I've talked to my own mother for a year about Ron Paul, who she voted for in the primary, and to write in Chuck Baldwin (eligible as write-in here but not on the ballot)

Today she told me she voted for McCain because he was the lesser of 2 evils. Arrrghhh. She said she's scared of Obama and had to do it.

People have this propaganda ingrained in them that a third party vote will help the more evil one win. That's not even logical.

Actually when you vote third party, it messes up their rigged electronic voting software, designed to flip votes primarily from just one candidate to another. haha

Oh well. What the hell. My conscience told me to just write in Ron Paul so I did.

DIEBOLD: "If Your Vote Counts, Then We're Not Doing Our Job."